Dental 911: How to Save a Knocked-Out Tooth

Follow these simple steps to protect your tooth and restore your smile.

Contact sports, playground mishaps, and everyday accidents can all result in a tooth being knocked out (tooth avulsion). While this is certainly a problem, if you act quickly and take the appropriate steps, you can potentially preserve the tooth, and have it replaced by a dental professional. Here are the necessary steps you should take to save your tooth in the event of a tooth avulsion.

1. Carefully collect the tooth – When retrieving the tooth, be sure to pick it up by the crown and not the root. Lightly rinse the tooth with water or milk, but do not brush it as you may damage delicate tissue essential for replanting.

2. Keep the tooth wet – Attempt to replace the tooth back in the socket and hold it in place with your hand, or by lightly biting down on some gauze. It you are unable to return the tooth to the socket, suspend the tooth in milk while holding it in your cheek until you can get help.

3. Find help – Visit your dentist immediately, or go to the emergency department.

Additionally, here are a few recommendations for oral safety and teeth preservation. To help prevent mouth trauma, always:

• Wear a mouth guard when playing sports
• Avoid crunching ice and other hard foods
• Open packages with scissors and not your teeth.

Take care of your teeth, and they will last for a lifetime. The staff at Summit O.M.S. wants to remind everyone to stay safe. In the event that you do experience dental or facial trauma, contact our office to set up an assessment. We’ll have you smiling in no time!

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