Sedation Options for Undergoing Oral Surgery

There are several options for sedation before a procedure. Here's an overview of the three most common.

sedation-dentistryWhenever a patient must undergo a surgical procedure to correct an issue such as placing dental implants or treatment for TMJ disorder, they receive a sedation to ensure that they are comfortable and safe during the course of the procedure. When you schedule your surgery with the oral surgeon, you will discuss your options for sedation.

These options may include:

Oral Sedation – Your surgeon may prescribe an anti-anxiety medication to be taken prior to your arrival. It is taken early to ensure that it is working adequately before the procedure, and you will need to be driven to the office as you will be too sedated to drive a vehicle safely. Oral sedation is a good option for patients that prefer an alternative to needles.

Inhalation Sedation – Nitrous Oxide is a gas that is often administered for sedation during minor procedures. It takes effect almost immediately, and alleviates anxiety for patients.

IV Sedation – Moderate to deep IV sedation is used for complicated surgical procedures, and involves the surgeon administering anesthesia through a needle directly into your blood vessel. This option causes patients to enter a sleep like state, and is used for procedures like jaw surgery.

Be sure to discuss with your surgeon your sedation options and ask any questions you may have. The professionals at The Summit OMS in Columbia, SC will be happy to answer your questions, and have prepared instructions for you to review prior to receiving anesthesia for surgery. Call The Summit OMS today to schedule your assessment!

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