When is the Best Time to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Get to know why your 20’s are the ideal time to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom Teeth extractionWisdom teeth are the final set of molars that appear at the rear of the jaw. They get their name due to their late appearance between ages 17 and 25, which is much later than the rest of our permanent teeth.

These third molars frequently require extraction due to their hard to reach location, and the potential for crowding other teeth. Patients often have difficulty keeping wisdom teeth clean, which encourages cavities and abscesses. The mouth frequently is not large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth, so they can become impacted, unable to fully erupt, and press on healthy teeth risking misalignment and damage.

To prevent damage to other teeth as well as discomfort, dental professionals frequently recommend the removal of wisdom teeth. For some patients, your dentist may be able to simply pull out your wisdom teeth. Others, however, will need an oral surgeon to surgically remove their wisdom teeth due to how firmly planted they are in the jawbone.

Because of the challenges around extracting wisdom teeth, the best time to have them removed is early, when wisdom teeth have shorter roots and are easier to separate from the jaw. Professionals recommend wisdom teeth removal by the age of 25. Waiting longer to have your teeth extracted could result in the molars developing longer roots, requiring more invasive surgery, and longer recovery time.

If you are are in need of having your wisdom teeth removed in Columbia, contact our office at the Summit OMS. We offer same day appointments and same day surgery for eligible patients.

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